Packing an easy picnic and what plumbing had to do with it

Last week we experienced some adventures in plumbing. As I’ve mentioned before, this is an old house….but, let’s start at the beginning.

A few weeks ago our kitchen sink decided to stop draining – well, it went really slowly and it left the sink a mess after doing the dishes.

So…we called a plumber. It’s amazing how exciting this was to me, mostly because I got a fancy new faucet for my birthday that still wasn’t installed and this plumber could do it.

This is what our sink/faucet was like. Nothing too wrong, but not great.


The plumber arrived, did some handy work …. and poof! soooo pretty:)


What wasn’t pretty was the state of the pipes….so a ‘pipe guy’ was booked for a few days later, and so began the fun of not generating any dishes (or many…). To ensure our basement didn’t flood, it was best to not use our sink or dishwasher. And so, we went on picnic:)


It was super easy to pack and very tasty. I always keep some cooler packs in the freezer, especially in the summer for just this thing. We go on a lot of picnics:)

What we packed:
store bought rotisserie chicken
cheese (old cheddar and havarti)
whole wheat wraps
nacho chips
chocolate milk

It was lovely. We enjoyed a tasty al fresco lunch in the sunshine, the dogs went for a swim, and we didn’t have any dishes:)


Long story made short, we are now the proud new owners of fancy new pipes for our dishwasher and kitchen sink…and I can finally use my fancy new faucet. yay!

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