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  • Life outside the perfect @Instagram photo

  • So a thought occurred to me the other day as I was moving stuff from my kitchen/dining room into the living room. Before I get to the thought though, let me list out the things I moved: two bicycles bread, bagels, and a baguette a basket of cycling accessories three pairs of shoes one pair of rubber boots laundry detergent a laundry basket two dining room chairs my purse[...]
  • Fabulous Fall Photos

  • my view from the saddle on an evening hike with my boys my boys:) I love this shot! The fog that morning was beautiful. Every Thanksgiving weekend Fall Fair comes to our town. Cotton candy while on the Ferris wheel is pretty much non-negotiable for me:) Ummm...this isn't so much about the quality of the photo, but more the fact that Fall means #PSL...and that's awesome.
  • My weekend in photos

  • This past weekend was lovely. It was also a long one. That makes it particularly lovely. The weekend started with this stunning rainbow. You could see the whole arc, the entire beautiful rainbow going from one side of our town to the other. This photo doesn't do it justice at all. But I do love the old barn. I love old barns. On Saturday afternoon I was lucky enough to join the h[...]
  • The Boys

  • If you know me IRL, you will know where this post is headed. "The Boys" as they are known, are our two dogs, Hermann-Maier and Eddie-Vedder. Both named after greatness. If you don't know who one or either are, google them - it will only help your next game of Trivial Pursuit. To say we have hundreds of photos of the boys would make me a liar. We have thousands. I kid you not. Ah, the beau[...]