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  • Two weddings, one weekend, one dress #LessStuffMoreLife

  • So grateful to have taken today off work! Two weddings in one weekend is fabulously exhausting. But I must say, being able to share such a special day with wonderful friends and family makes it all worth it. We all know I love Rent Frock Repeat. I loved every second of wearing both fabulous dresses I rented for my baby brother's wedding in Las Vegas in January, so was eager to get my frock on a[...]
  • Giving wicker patio furniture a new life

  • This weekend was both productive and decadent! It started with giving the old white wicker patio furniture new life. In knocking some items off "the list" last weekend, I may have added another item....painting the wicker furniture. I knew going from white to black would be drastic, and I was a actually a bit nervous, but four cans of spray paint later I love them!! I ended up having t[...]
  • Loving #LessStuffMoreLife

  • I've been purging 'stuff' from our house for months now. It's a very productive and cathartic feeling, and leaves the house (and my mind) more organized. Where I have hard time purging is my closet. There's always the, "but I may just wear it again..." In the case of dresses or gowns for weddings and events, it is never ever worn again. Yet, I still hold on them....which is a waste of money an[...]