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  • Yoga Jeans™ Review & Giveaway (hint: they're FABULOUS!)

  • I love denim. I love denim so much I wore a denim jacket with my wedding dress. It's affectionately known as the "wedding denim". It's well worn in now, but loved even more. This is what I love about denim. It becomes part of you. And so, when I received a super awesome tweet from Yoga Jeans™ a few months ago asking if I'd be up to review their denim, I naturally said YES! I w[...]
  • Loving #LessStuffMoreLife

  • I've been purging 'stuff' from our house for months now. It's a very productive and cathartic feeling, and leaves the house (and my mind) more organized. Where I have hard time purging is my closet. There's always the, "but I may just wear it again..." In the case of dresses or gowns for weddings and events, it is never ever worn again. Yet, I still hold on them....which is a waste of money an[...]
  • How I organized my handbags

  • The way my handbags were organized was not organized. A heaping mess that regularly shifted and occasionally launched items at your head. It made swapping out my handbags annoying. Not that it stopped me, it was simply annoying. They were all just piled up on the top shelf of the middle of our 3 unit wardrobe. They started out in a neat little row, but with each removal and swap it got progr[...]