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Rather than hand our Thursday evening over to ghouls and goblins, DH and I decided to try out a new local restaurant. Latitude Food+Drink is on Georgetown’s lovely old Main Street, at number 99, and it was the perfect location for date night! We had both experienced Chef Owen’s food before so knew there would be deliciousness. But I must say, we both were really quite blown away with all the great food and the welcoming atmosphere. We started out with scallops with thai green curry, a Caesar salad, and frites with a zesty mayo. Everything was great and I would definitely order each again, but it was the scallops that stole my heart. They were a taste sensation and cooked juuuuust perfectly.

For the main, DH ordered the steak frites (yes, my man is a lover of fries…note that’s the second time they’ve appeared on the night’s menu;)) and I was lucky enough to get a bite of the steak, which like the scallops was cooked perfectly to DH’s medium rare and was tender as anything. I ordered the Carbonara which had fresh pappardelle noodles and a lovely smoked bacon.

It is hands down the best Carbonara I’ve ever had. I. do. not. joke. I had the leftovers for lunch at work today, and it was fantastic again! I know this sounds too excited, but I am not exaggerating. Carbonara is pretty much my pasta of choice (if it’s on the menu and I am feeling like carbs of course!) so I’ve eaten my fair share. I’ve made a few disastrous batches myself….I can never get the texture right, it’s either too creamy, or too cheesy, or I messed up the eggs….the Carbonara at Latitude was none of these. It was simply perfect. Perfect.

We experienced wonderful service and Chef Owen came to the table to thank us for visiting and to ensure we were happy with our meals. I don’t know about you, but having the Chef come out really makes me feel special and it goes a long way in knowing how much they care about the food they are serving.

And finally, a DIY decor loving gal like myself would be remiss not to mention the amazing light fixtures. The photo doesn’t really do either the light fixtures or the food justice, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself if you’re in the area. Maybe we’ll see you on our next date night!

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