Weekend Brunch @StateandMain with the #GuelphBlogBrunch ladies

Last Sunday was another delightful edition of the #GuelphBlogBrunch.  Each brunch is at a different restaurant, so when State & Main reached out and suggested we try out their new Guelph location, we jumped!

#stateandmain guelph brunch weekend heather in heels

And speaking of jumping, en route that morning I spied a cute little night stand on the side of the road…so naturally, I stopped the car, jumped out, and swiftly claimed it for my own:) YAY! No idea what I’ll do with it, but that’s neither here nor there:)

Heather In Heels blog DIY night stand

Walking in to State & Main I was impressed by it’s high ceilings and beautiful décor.  The lighting was particularly lovely.  Check out Ardis from Rustic Retrievals’ post, she’s got oodles of great photos.

We sat at big high tables and promptly ordered drinks and took in the menu.

It’s no secret I love Eggs Bene.  LOVE.  So it’s almost a given that if eggs bene are on the menu, that is what I will order.   For the first time in a long though, I was tempted to stray.  State & Main has a Banana Bread French toast…dipped in bailey’s Irish cream egg wash first….served with brown sugar butter….and maple syrup…I mean……seriously, I just got Goosebumps thinking about it as I am typing.  Not kidding.  Sounds amazing right?!

#stateandmain brunch heather in heels blog eggs benedict

I stuck with my eggs bene choice, and it was DELISH! Every one of the girls enjoyed the breakfast, we received great service, and we all left happy.  I am totally trying out the French toast next time!

And then a funny thing happened.  I ended up back at State & Main for dinner – a mere 5 hours later!

Again we received great service and I enjoyed the Gogi Tacos – fantastic! Pulled pork with a zesty slaw….mmmm. My Dad had a curry that looked (and smelled) amazing, DH had the fish and chips, which he devoured, my BIL had an epic looking burger, and well…needless to say, we’ll be back!

#StateandMain Heather In Heels dinner

Thanks to State & Main for hosting the #GuelphBlogBrunch crew, we appreciated the opportunity to find a fab new weekend brunch spot.  Find State & Main on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  #StateandMain



  1. by Ardis - Rustic Retrievals on April 5, 2014  11:32 am Reply

    It was such a fun time!! I can't wait to go back to State and Main for another delicious meal and can't wait till our next Brunch to get caught up with all the gals again! Thanks also for the 'shout out'! :) Happy weekend!

    • by Heather on April 5, 2014  2:17 pm Reply

      agree! looking forward to it:) happy weekend indeed!

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