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  • How to turn old antique windows into mirrors

  • I have a weakness for old windows. Whenever I see them free somewhere, regardless of whether I need it, or have space for it, I stop and pile 'em into the car. One of my favourite things to do with old windows is to turn them into mirrors. And it's super simple to do! Here's how turn your old or antique windows into mirrors: 1) The first step in is to deal with the frame. Give it a vi[...]
  • DIY Christmas...part 1

  • I've mentioned before that a little inspiration and a sunshine-y day (perfect for working outside) are all I need to get a fun DIY project done. This weekend that inspiration came in the form of an old window, some spray paint, and gingerbread latte. Remember the window I mentioned in my Para Paints #ParaBlogCrew application? Well, it and some old nutcrackers I got at a garage sale a few years[...]
  • My weekend in photos

  • This past weekend was lovely. It was also a long one. That makes it particularly lovely. The weekend started with this stunning rainbow. You could see the whole arc, the entire beautiful rainbow going from one side of our town to the other. This photo doesn't do it justice at all. But I do love the old barn. I love old barns. On Saturday afternoon I was lucky enough to join the h[...]
  • Project Memory Window

  • I’ve been on a bit of a purge lately. Getting rid of things we don’t use is not only very therapeutic, it is also very effective for keeping things clean and tidy. One thing I know I won’t part with, but also find odd to keep squirrelled away in a box, are the cards DH and I have exchanged over the years. Some of them are very touching, others are ridiculously funny. To give them a home, I d[...]