Braised beef short rib poutine

I love beef short ribs. Love is an understatement. Nothing really beats warm, melt in your mouth, beefy short ribs on a cold Winter night. The house smells pretty amazing as they cook away all afternoon, and is a great smell to greet guests with after a day of skiing.

We had friends over last weekend and I made us quite the treat! Braised beef short rib poutine. I mean, what gets more decadent than rich beef short ribs, over a bed of fries, with cheese curds, and gravy? Not much.

I usually let the short ribs cook away low and slow for at least four hours, ideally five. Here is my basic recipe:

Pre-heat oven to 275
Place short ribs in a casserole dish
Cut one or two leeks (white & light parts only) and sprinkle over top
Add chicken broth until short ribs are just barely covered
Cover dish with foil II usually add some parchment paper in between the food and foil)
Cook for four hours, ideally five
Remove from oven and raise oven temp to cook fries
Cook fries according to package (I used to do homemade, but had a fun little grease fire and now stick to store bought:))
Carefully remove ribs from remaining cooking liquid and cover to keep warm
Pour liquid into a saucepan, heat at medium
Add in ¼ cup water mixed with some corn starch
simmer until thickened to your desired gravy thickness
Plate fries, add beef, cheese curds and then gravy


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