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  • Loving #LessStuffMoreLife

  • I've been purging 'stuff' from our house for months now. It's a very productive and cathartic feeling, and leaves the house (and my mind) more organized. Where I have hard time purging is my closet. There's always the, "but I may just wear it again..." In the case of dresses or gowns for weddings and events, it is never ever worn again. Yet, I still hold on them....which is a waste of money an[...]
  • Travel wardrobe

  • I am experiencing crazy jet lag for the first time in my life. I know who I am, I know where I am, I just don’t quite get WHEN I am just yet. Totally worth it though! Tokyo was fantastic. An amazing city filled with so much to see. I am in awe of the Japanese culture. I ate the most fantastic meals and visited some incredible locations. I’ll share more on all that soon, but first we need to talk a[...]
  • A little bit about me

  • My name is Heather. I like heels, dressing up, sweatpants, my rubber boots, getting my hair done, doing DIY projects, cooking, eating, taking photos, and painting. I am woman of many talents and interests. This list doesn’t even begin to cover it. This blog may, it may not. I think of my barbecue as an extension of my kitchen. Note the MY. By day I work in Public Relations. I have[...]