Fabulous food in Japan

It’s been over a week since my last meal in Japan, but I can still taste it. It was that good. In fact, all the meals I enjoyed were fantastic. The most uninspiring meal I had all day (and this is saying something) was my breakfast: a bowl of freshly cut grapefruit, orange, pineapple, and mango. Usually accompanied by a freshly made waffle with Canadian maple syrup. It was a great meal, but nothing in comparison to the new experiences that waited throughout the week.

The first night I arrived, dinner was Korean Style Barbecue. I enjoyed beef short ribs (which I have told you I love!), beef tongue, and pork belly as the meats. An assortment of veggies arrived too, but my favourite was the kimchi. The flavour was unlike any I’d tried before.

This was a lunch I had at a swanky restaurant in the Ginza district. I enjoyed the most heavenly Tekago-Bento Box full of treats, and of course miso soup and rice.

A sensational meal experience was had at the Moritaya Restaurant on the 35th floor of a highrise in downtown Tokyo. Check out this crazy view!

The view of course was stunning, but the meal was epic. It was a traditional Sukiaki meal. This involves their local Kobe beef sliced like it was prosciutto and cooked in soy sauce and sugar in a cast iron skillet on the table. Veggies were added to this and then served in a bowl with a raw egg. It was heaven.

This was dessert. How pretty is this?!

Another sensational meal was a sushi dinner. I enjoy sushi. Very rarely do I eat the raw fish variety. I ate & loved everything put in front of me, raw fish and all. The only exception was the sea urchin, eww.

I also got to experience a Shabu-Shabu meal. Thin slices of beef and pork come on large trays, a platter of veggies arrives, all are cooked quickly in a broth simmering at the centre of the table. It was beyond tasty. What I enjoyed about cooking while you ate was the pace. More time for conversation between bites.

My final meal was an Udon noodle lunch. This was so beautifully presented and tasted equally as good. I really love how every meal I enjoyed was first enjoyed by the eyes in a very deliberate and delightful way. It definitely added to the eating experience.

And while this isn’t a meal, it will (and has already) be a part of many meals at home. My souvenir from Japan I bought in the Kappabashi district, also known as the kitchen district. I bought the most fabulous knife and got my name engraved in Japanese characters on it!
I’m in love.

Here it is getting engraved.

And finally, my precious.



  1. by Christine on March 18, 2013  1:21 am Reply

    Oh my gosh, Heather! I'm bookmarking this post! LOVE IT!!! All of the meals you posted make me miss my 2 yrs in Japan! Now I'm hungry!

    P.S. Love your blog!

    • by Heather on March 18, 2013  1:03 pm Reply

      thanks Christine! it was SUCH yummy food:)

  2. by Julia on March 18, 2013  1:40 am Reply

    Seeing this post makes me eager to visit Japan, if only for the food. Thank you for sharing.

    • by Heather on March 18, 2013  1:03 pm Reply

      thanks for reading Julia!

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