DIY Reupholstery Project: Louis XV Chair

DIY Louis XV Chair Reupholster via @HeatherNheels

It’s going to be no surprise I am fond of tackling projects regardless of my current skill set:) Part of the beauty of a ‘can-do’ attitude is learning as you go. Learning from both successes and mistakes. And this project was full of both!

I have a significantly deeper appreciation for those who reupholster for a living. I had no illusions this would be an easy project. That said, man am I glad I finished!

The chair came to me from my grandmother. I love the lines, but hated the fabric and honestly wasn’t in love with the wood either. So off I went to Home Depot a few Saturdays ago without anything in my brain other than, “the chair gets transformed this weekend.” And so, there I stood with Starbucks in hand staring at the wall of Rustoleum.

I was asked numerous times if I wanted any help finding anything and each time replied, “no thanks, I’m waiting for inspiration to hit.” Yes, I’m a crazy person. Or at least this is what two Home Depot employees must think:)

Rainbow of Rustoleum Spray Paint at Home Depot via Heather In Heels

The Navy Blue gloss finally called out to me and then off I went to Fabricland to see what outdoor fabric was on sale. (I will happily spend a fortune on shoes, DIY projects not so much – although, there are always exceptions:)!) This green and blue was perfect, so home it came and the fun began.

First came removing all the original brass nails. GIANT PAIN in the A$$. And arm as a matter of fact. Hours this took. HOURS. Next, I removed all the fabric careful to keep it all so I could use it as my new fabric template. Fabric got cut and the chair padding got covered up so I could sand and paint.

A good sanding and cleaning, and out came the spray paint:) The blue is glorious! I then began the task of reupholstering. The arms were a bit of challenge, but the rest was pretty straightforward. The key was using the template and leaving myself some extra room.

DIY Chair Reupholstery via @HeatherNheels

DIY Louis XV Chair in Navy and green by @heatherNheels

Where things got tricky was the new brass nails. Those nails got a string of expletives hurled at them. And they deserved it. The chair even had a few weeks to think about its behaviour in the corner while I took a break.

Brass Nails for DIY Fabric Reupholster Louis XV Chair via @heatherNheels

And finally, I got back to it. I did make a concession to myself though…because I hadn’t been perfect with the nails around the base and arms…and knew there was NO WAY I could make it perfect on the back (the most noticeable part!), I cheated. I went back to Fabricland and got some blue chord trim and glue gunned it over the staples.

I am very pleased with the finished project, but am more pleased with what I’ve learned for the next time!:)

DIY Louis XV Chair Reupholster via @HeatherNheels


  1. by Heather Derouin Baker on September 16, 2014  7:42 pm Reply

    Love this! It looks amazing! I wish I had someplace in my house where I could put something like this.... your line at Home Depot sounds better than mine... when they usually ask me if they can help I laugh and say " I'm beyond help!"

    • by Heather on September 16, 2014  7:57 pm Reply

      ha! I wonder if there is a book being written by HOme Depot employees about all the crazy people:)!

    • by Heather on September 16, 2014  7:57 pm Reply

      thanks so much Heather!:)

  2. by katieedwardsis on September 16, 2014  8:39 pm Reply

    I LOVE that shade of blue. Awesome fabric, too! I want this chair!

    • by Heather on September 16, 2014  8:40 pm Reply

      thanks so much Katie! I love the blue too - it's sooo glossy and lovely. And I only used one can of Rustoleum! love the coverage:)!

  3. by heather meads on September 19, 2014  8:52 am Reply

    Oh, I love that colour combination!! It looks like inspiration hit you right where you needed it - that chair looks beautiful!!

    • by Heather on September 19, 2014  10:10 am Reply

      thanks so much Heather:)!

  4. by Lindsey on September 19, 2014  9:19 am Reply

    Looks great Heather!! Let me know when you try it next and I'll give you a top for the brass nails that will make it easier. ;)

    • by Heather on September 19, 2014  10:10 am Reply

      I knew there had to be a tool or trick! LOL:) thanks Linds!

  5. by KATHLEEN on November 8, 2014  10:52 am Reply

    Wow looks amazing, what a statement piece! Great DIY's and site xx

    • by Heather on November 9, 2014  2:00 pm Reply

      thanks so much Kathleen:)

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