DIY Diva Den: the project begins

It’s begun! I cleared out all the furniture, books, random stuff, and clutter from the smallest of our four bedrooms…and the project has begun. The room, previously just a cluttered holding ground for ‘things’ is soon going to be my DIY Diva Den. I like alliteration.

Home Office Den DIY Room by Heather In Heels

The list of projects to do before the room is complete is this:

– Find lamp shades for super awesome lamps found at garage sale this summer
– Spray paint lamps (you’ll laugh, but I’m not diggin’ the gold on these…)
– Figure out a way to make the desk higher
– paint walls
– paint ceiling
– paint trim
– sand down floors
– paint floors
– arrange furniture
– make art to hang
– hang art
– find carpet/area rug
– find and/or make curtains/blinds
…and I’m sure more will creep up….

So far I’ve put all the furniture in the room and am “seeing how it feels”. I don’t care about scratching the paint on the floor since I am sanding and re-painting anyway, so it makes re-arranging things until I’m settled much easier. I am also still undecided on paint colours, which makes banging (more) holes in the walls not really an issue either…what’s one more hole to fill? One thing I did decide to (ask DH to) do was to remove the door. It was just in the way. Amazing how much lighter the room feels already! (thanks DH!)

#likeaboss by @HeatherNheels

Like the motivational project I whipped up to inspire the project? #LikeAboos

And speaking of the furniture…the desk in the room is my desk from IKEA, which I got in Grade Six. A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far way…. 🙂 (see point on to do list above about raising the desk:) LOL)

As I move through the projects, I’ll be sure to share. Wish me luck!


  1. by Michelle @ Eamonn & Jack on November 10, 2014  12:10 pm Reply

    Fun! I love those lamps - what colour will you paint them? Give HomeSense a try for lamp shades although they don't always have pairs. I did that for my recent bedroom makeover - I bought every white shade I found until I got a matched set - the only problem is it can take a while and I don't think the associate was too pleased when I returned 10 shades at once ;)

    • by Heather on November 11, 2014  9:07 am Reply

      not to sure - I'm thinking white - or maybe hot pink:) decisions decisions! thanks for the tip on lamp shades!

  2. by Jo-Anna@APrettyLife on November 10, 2014  12:59 pm Reply

    Oooh so exciting to have a Diva Den! I can see a vision here - can't wait to see it come together!

    • by Heather on November 11, 2014  9:07 am Reply

      thanks Jo-Anna:) I can't wait for the vision to match the reality, LOL:)

  3. by katieedwardsis on November 11, 2014  9:09 pm Reply

    I love your #likeaboss sign!! I can't wait to see how this turns out!

    • by Heather on November 12, 2014  7:32 am Reply

      thanks Katie! me either, LOL:)

  4. by kitchencounterchronicles on November 12, 2014  10:49 am Reply

    Looking great. I love your perfect. I always have such a hard time finding lamp shades...can't wait to see the "after"

    • by Heather on November 12, 2014  4:58 pm Reply

      thanks! actually went lamp shade shopping luck. oh well:)

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