File under ‘Awesome’: #GuelphBlogBrunch

My Sundays usually start out quite lovely, but this past Sunday had more in store…and it was awesome. I joined the first (of what I know will be many more) #GuelphBlogBrunch. Heather over at heartheather was the delightful human being behind this get-together – you must go check out her post (and super FAB photos – she’s got a great eye!) – and to her I am ever grateful.

The six of us met at 39 Carden Street Bistro in Guelph (read their blog post about our visit here) and it was the perfect choice for a group of DIY loving bloggers. I enjoyed the eggs bene (because if they are on the menu I am pretty much locked in) and the beautiful atmosphere. The cupboards are THE most gorgeous cupboards I have ever seen. I LOVE THEM. I want them. My brain is hatching plans as I type.


I also loved the lighting. I have been collecting vintage Crown Mason jars for a few years with the goal of having enough for both a chandelier over our dining room table and pendants over our kitchen island.


What ‘enough’ means I am a bit unsure just yet…but I feel like a few more are needed before I begin thinking of the arrangement/style of chandelier I want to make. The big ones are recent finds on the way home from visiting my BFF a few weekends ago and are the perfect size for pendants! (It has taken a while to collect them all since I am picky about the quality of the glass lid and also refuse to pay any more than $3 per jar.)


Inspiration to keep blogging away, and simply trying my best, comes from experiences like the one I had on Sunday. Each woman inspired me in her own way and I look forward to not only many more brunches, but following along online as they each share bits and pieces of their daily inspirations.


(left to right) Image courtesy of Heather, Mama Lola , Michele, Diana, me:), and Ardis (click their names to see their blogs).


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  2. by Heather on October 23, 2013  10:52 pm Reply

    When I mentioned the idea for this meet up to you at BlogPodium, your enthusiasm was a huge motivator for me to follow through. Thank you for being a part of something that is only going to get awesomer! (And I can't wait to see how you work your magic on those mason jars!)

    • by Heather on October 24, 2013  6:38 am Reply

      Thanks Heather! the trick now is finding a big tool to drill through the glass lids....:)

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