Pretty in Pink #LessStuffMoreLife

#LessStuffMoreLife with @HeatherNHeels and @RentFrockRepeat

It’s official. I am addicted to Rent Frock Repeat. From Vegas to two weddings in one weekend, and soon a conference, it really is all about #LessStuffMoreLife. It’s truly like shopping in your best friend’s closet, who happens to be the exact same size, and gives you her honest opinion on everything you try on. Could it get any better?!!

This past weekend was my little sister’s wedding and it was this David Meister that was the chosen frock. I loved this dress and honestly would never have tried it on if it hadn’t been handed to me while I was in the change room. So yes, in answer to my question above, it can get better…the ladies at RfR know their stuff and have consistently surprised me with frocks I would not have thought right for me.

#LessStuffMoreLife with @heatherNHeels and @RentFrockRepeat Pink David Meister Dress

I wore the same Coach heels I wore earlier this summer (they’ve become a total wardrobe staple!), some Joe Fresh chandelier earrings, and a great bracelet from Winners.

Yet another frocking fantastic experience, a fabulous (and crazy comfortable dress) frock, and a lovely day in celebration of someone I love. #LessStuffMoreLife


    • by Heather on September 8, 2014  1:03 pm Reply

      Thanks Bette:)

  1. by Dana on September 8, 2014  2:11 pm Reply

    I love the idea of Rent Frock Repeat. If only I had more occasions to wear pretty dresses these days!

    • by Heather on September 8, 2014  2:14 pm Reply

      if you find any excuse (even a nice dinner out with friends), it's totally worth it:) a great experience all around:)

  2. by aprettylifeinthesuburbs on September 8, 2014  2:14 pm Reply

    How gorgeous do you look! The idea of renting a dress this amazing is fantastic!!

    • by Heather on September 8, 2014  3:45 pm Reply

      every dress I have tried on, and those that I have rented, have been fabulous. Their concept is so brilliant - because honestly, how often do we all 'really' wear a dress again?

  3. by katieedwardsis on September 8, 2014  5:08 pm Reply

    This is so bright and pretty! I think I have to use this place!

    • by Heather on September 9, 2014  7:48 am Reply

      you must:) they ship across the country:) This weekend will be my fifth dress in 7 months - obsessed much?! LOL

  4. by swellconditions on September 9, 2014  8:44 am Reply

    What a cool concept, I must check that out - thanks and your dress is beautiful!

    • by Heather on September 9, 2014  6:32 pm Reply

      thanks! and yes, do totally check them out - you won't regret it:)!

  5. by Dani @ lifeovereasy on September 10, 2014  11:10 am Reply

    That dress is a stunner! Sometimes it really helps to have another opinion. Great call!

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