Some of my favourite shoes

What would you say the percentage of women who don’t like shoes is? I would put the number at less than 10%. I am a woman in the other 90%. I love shoes. If the blog title didn’t tip you off, I love heels in particular. But seriously, I love all shoes. I have a mad collection of boots, a variety of sneakers, oodles of flats (what girl nowadays doesn’t have a least a handful of ballet flats?!), and of course a great collection of heels.

I buy lots of trendy shoes. Who doesn’t? Only in the past few years have I started to really ‘collect’ shoes. I don’t mean collect like I will own them and not wear them…what I mean is – I am buying shoes that are me. Shoes that suit me and my personality. They don’t have to be ‘on trend’, as long as I work it like I own it. Shoes I can wear for years.

So here are some of my personal faves.

These fun little pink and polka dot numbers I got at a small boutique in our town (which sadly is closing..). They are crazy comfortable! I’ve worn them for big presentations, speeches, work events, or just you know, around. They’re fun, they’re me, and kinda make me feel a bit like Minnie Mouse. Except thankfully my boyfriend doesn’t wear little red shorts with suspenders.



These fun BCBG shoes were a total impulse purchase, but I love them. I’ve worn them for quite a few things and they go well with fancy and jeans equally. When a shoe can multi task like this, it’s a bonus.



These leopard heels are a true classic in my wardrobe. I bought them at Aldo like eight or nine years ago and there isn’t a year since I haven’t worn them. I super love them, even though they really do require regular doses of Advil over the course of the evening. I refuse to be THAT girl. And by that girl, I mean the one who takes her shoes off on the dance floor. I refuse. I am a woman, and women stay dressed. Until they get undressed. And that doesn’t start on the dance floor. That’s for girls. I was a girl once too. But that’s for another post.



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