PARA Paints Kitchen re-vamp project update

Three weeks ago five fabulous gallons of PARA paint arrived and I was itching to get started on the kitchen re-vamp project ….sadly, that little thing that pays my mortgage – you know, those pesky job thingys? well, it got in the way as I had to head away for work.

Flash forward to today, and yet again I’m packing up and headed away for work. And yet again, I’m just ITCHING to get finished. I’m halfway through the project and can’t wait to finish (and of course get started on the dining room chairs with Tonic Living!)

I decided the large room was easier to tackle if I treated it like two projects. That way the mess was more contained and also since we spend a LOT of time in our kitchen, disruptions are minimized. So far I have sanded down and painted all the trim in the dining room area. That fabulous white is PARA Paints Jo Jo Whitewash.

The walls got a few good coats of PARA Paints Colour for 2014 Plantain Chips and I am just loving it. It is so bright and sunny.

To see before photos, click here.

PARA Paints JO Jo Whitewash Heather IN Heels sanding door painting white

PARA Paints colour of 2014 plantain chips yellow kitchen paint heather in heels

Hermann helping paint PARA Paints Plantain Chips Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Hermann was my cheerleader. Wherever the drop cloth moved, so did Hermann:)

Heather in heels painting kitchen dining room PARA Paints Plantain Chips yellow

Heather in heels tulips flowers PARA Paints plantain chips yellow

Don’t the tulips look so pretty with the paint?

And finally, I was so focused on spending the time painting that I went to work with what I affectionately refer to as my PARA Paints Manicure:) LOL!

PARA Paints manicure heather in heels