DIY No Sew Faux Roman Blinds

Yes, you read that right. No sew, no drill, faux Roman blinds.

Ever since painting the kitchen and re-doing the chairs I knew something was missing to finish the space off, some little tiny finishing detail. And Saturday that detail flew into my brain, and was whipped up and done within an hour.

Once again, it was Tonic Living to the rescue! I was delaying housework and cruising their online fabric store dreaming of what fabric I would eventually use for the Roman blinds in the kitchen….and then it hit me. While I didn’t have enough leftover fabric from the chair project for ‘actual’ (non-pretend) Roman blinds, I definitely had enough to create the illusion of them!

I measured how wide each would be and then winged it for the length on each one. I used iron on hem press to fold down each side and then used it for a pretend fold in the pretend blind.

I slapped some sticky Velcro on, popped them into place and poof! No sew, no drill faux Roman blinds:)

It adds the perfect finishing detail, like putting a frame around a picture.




  1. by Chris on July 1, 2014  10:42 am Reply

    Looks great, love that fabric

  2. by simpleispretty on July 1, 2014  4:02 pm Reply

    I really need to do some blinds for my dining room, thanks for the inspiration!

    • by Heather on July 1, 2014  4:28 pm Reply

      Most welcome:) they were super easy and really do add a nice touch:)

  3. by Gemma Bonham-Carter on July 2, 2014  11:09 am Reply

    Cute!!!! And the velcro idea is genius. Really finishes off the space nicely!

    • by Heather on July 2, 2014  1:58 pm Reply

      Thanks Gemma! it was so simple to do - and with the velcro I can easily take it down and don't need to worry about filling holes etc.

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