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  • DIY Diva Den: the project begins

  • It's begun! I cleared out all the furniture, books, random stuff, and clutter from the smallest of our four bedrooms...and the project has begun. The room, previously just a cluttered holding ground for 'things' is soon going to be my DIY Diva Den. I like alliteration. The list of projects to do before the room is complete is this: - Find lamp shades for super awesome lamps found at [...]
  • Home Office Refresh

  • We spend a lot of time in our home office. We have plans to build a nice big desk that we can both work at simultaneously, but for now it gets the job done. Just like the rest of the house, this room was also ‘sell my house beige’. It annoyed me. It seemed so gungy and never really felt clean. So a few weekends ago I did something about it. I busted out the white paint. I love white paint. White p[...]