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  • Awesome closet update: Ikea PAX wardrobe six years later

  • Picture it. Sicily, 1922.  Sorry...Golden Girls moment.... ...but this post does start with a look back.  A look back six whole years ago.  It was the year 2010.  As a nation, we were barely Beliebers.  It was a long time ago.  It was back when DH and I installed our PAX closet. At the time we were both working full time in office jobs. Shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, suits, and all the othe[...]
  • DIY Den: The BIG Reveal! with @ParaPaints

  • Three cheers for paint! Seriously.  It's amazing what paint can do to transform a space.  Going from boring beige walls and a brown (and chipped) floor, to fresh barely pink walls, fresh white trim, and those supercalifragilisticexpialidocious purple floors just make ALL the difference. Other than being a long project, it was rather simple and done very much on the cheap frugal.  Let's just rem[...]
  • DIY Diva Den: the project begins

  • It's begun! I cleared out all the furniture, books, random stuff, and clutter from the smallest of our four bedrooms...and the project has begun. The room, previously just a cluttered holding ground for 'things' is soon going to be my DIY Diva Den. I like alliteration. The list of projects to do before the room is complete is this: - Find lamp shades for super awesome lamps found at [...]
  • Christmas around the house

  • The Christmas decorations are up! We go to cut down our tree this coming weekend. Can't wait! I'll be sure to share a picture once it's done:) I ended up changing around the mantle as a result of the newly painted living room. With the bold wall, it need to be simpler. The Nutcrackers moved to the hall table beside the gold tree, and I love them there. And...when the first of December[...]