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I’ve been purging ‘stuff’ from our house for months now. It’s a very productive and cathartic feeling, and leaves the house (and my mind) more organized. Where I have hard time purging is my closet. There’s always the, “but I may just wear it again…” In the case of dresses or gowns for weddings and events, it is never ever worn again. Yet, I still hold on them….which is a waste of money and of space.

Enter Rent Frock Repeat. Which, in a nutshell, was one of the most fabulous ‘shopping’ experiences of my life and resulted in not only looking fabulous, but enjoying #lessStuffMoreLife.

I love shopping, but the one on one experience at Rent Frock Repeat HQ was amazing. Lisa had me pick out all the dresses I liked and then she picked out some for me. Each of her picks made it obvious what an expert she was! When someone can put you in a dress you would have never even thought twice about and you fall in love with it, well….that’s tops in my books!

I needed two dresses, both for a weekend in Las Vegas in honour of my little brother’s wedding. I tried on soooo many fabulous dresses, and quite a few were added to my personal Rent Frock Repeat account for future reference:)

I ended up with this fabulous Badgley Mischka sequinned number for Saturday night out on the town. It was crazy comfortable and perfect for the cool temps outside.


For the wedding I selected this absolutely lovely gown by David Meister. (I was in love with it the moment I tried it on – see the video above for proof:)).


The dresses arrived the day before we left for Las Vegas, and upon return I slipped them into the return envelope. It was that easy! I love the #LessStuffMoreLife philosophy and can’t wait for my next Rent Frock Repeat experience!

ps. I took some fabulous heels with me:) I wore the open toed ones on the flight down and the black Michael Kors with the David Meister gown. If the temps had been warmer, I would have done a bare leg with the red BCBG heels with the sequinned Badgley Mischka – but I’m glad I went with the tight and black patent Aldo shoes.



pps. see the super fun stripped socks DH is wearing? My mom got him a bunch of Happy Socks for Christmas, and we’re both smitten with them! He wore these polka dot ones with his tux. So dapper!



    • by Heather on January 19, 2014  4:38 pm Reply

      Thanks so much Ardis! agree, it's one of those genius ideas - I will totally be renting from there from now on!

  1. by Danica on January 20, 2014  10:41 am Reply

    That first dress is stunning!!!! I LOVE it! OK, the second one you looked amazing as well but I really love that first one. :)

    • by Heather on January 20, 2014  11:27 am Reply

      Thanks so much Danica:) I loved that first one too - I really didn't want to take it off at the end of the night, it was just soooo pretty!

  2. by fynesdesigns on January 22, 2014  8:05 am Reply

    You looked FAB! What an awesome service! I want to go dress shopping!

    • by Heather on January 22, 2014  8:42 am Reply

      thanks so much! it IS an awesome service - I am pretty sure I'll be using it for all the events I have:)

  3. by mama lola on January 24, 2014  8:27 am Reply

    HEATHER! you looked so amazing in those pics! WOWZA!!! i LOVE that sequins silver dress, so sassy! and, what a wonderful idea to rent a gown/ dress or whatever for a special occasion, instead of going through the stress of shopping for something, paying the big money and then never wearing it again!
    can't wait to see you in a few days, we missed you at the last blogger brunch!
    xo, mama lola

    • by Heather on January 24, 2014  8:30 am Reply

      Thanks so much lovely! I had such fun for the entire process - and will definitely be renting again! Looking forward to seeing you too! and the rest of the ladies:)! enjoy your weekend until then!

  4. by Marion Taylor on January 24, 2014  5:02 pm Reply

    Love the silver sequin mini-dress--probably because I'd never be brave enough to wear it. Such fun.

    • by Heather on January 24, 2014  5:25 pm Reply

      Lol thanks Marion:) that was the beauty of the personal consult at Rent Frock Repeat...got me into things I never would have ! :)

  5. by Dani @ lifeovereasy on January 25, 2014  12:53 am Reply

    They look gorgeous on you and it looks like you had fun too! All those shoes are killer by the way! I have a hard time throwing clothes away too. I have a really stylish friend Cathy, and when I am trying to purge, I just ask myself, "Would Cathy wear this?" The answer is always NO and it makes it much easier to toss.

    • by Heather on January 25, 2014  8:12 am Reply

      I love it! that's such a great barometer for tossing stuff Dani!

  6. by Lindsey on January 25, 2014  11:20 am Reply

    Great choices Heather! I love the sparkle, and the DM one is so classic. And OMG your baby brother got married?? Now I officially feel oldballs!

    • by Heather on January 25, 2014  11:26 am Reply

      thank you! I loved them both! and yes, no kidding - time flies!

  7. by Lindsey on January 25, 2014  11:21 am Reply

    Oh and also I'm going to that store the next time I need something. For sure. SUCH a great concept.

    • by Heather on January 25, 2014  11:26 am Reply

      absolutely you must! a great way to wear some fabulous and not clutter your home:)

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