Help me Love My Laundry Room

The kitchen is now bright and sunny.  The chairs in the dining room are simply fabulous, and now the latest upgrade our multi-purpose kitchen/dining/ and laundry, yes laundry room! received is an Electrolux Laundry IQ-Touch™ washer and dryer in the titanium colour option.  I can’t tell you how life altering these beautiful creatures are.  Actually, I can – but in a moment.

Did you ever spy the washer dryer in my kitchen makeover posts? Not only were they a bit of an eyesore, they also rattled the whole house and tramped across the kitchen floor when they were doing the dirty work.  Needless to say, there was no doing laundry when we were going to bed.  No doing laundry from last night’s dinner party early in the morning while guests still sleep upstairs.  We even had to turn the TV up in the other room if the laundry was on.  They cramped my style.

Enter the life altering Electrolux Laundry IQ-Touch™ washer and dryer.  Not only are they just divine to look at and perform beautifully, they are divine on the ears….in that, I barely hear them.  There’s even a feature for that, it’s called Luxury-Quiet™.

Heather In Heels Laundry Room Electrolux Canada IQ Touch Washer Dryer pair Titanium

Some other delightful features:

  •  IQ-Touch™ Controls:  I like having all the possible options visible and the IQ-Touch™ control panel displays all of my options, at all times
  • There’s a “My Favorite” Setting!:  I am still trying out all the various options, so haven’t set this feature yet, but will definitely find it handy!
  • Perfect Balance® System: In addition to having the Luxury-Quiet™ feature, the Electrolux State-of-the-art technology keeps all wash loads (even oversized dog bed sized loads – it works, I tried) balanced for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Fastest Wash Time: I love this feature! I am obsessive about cleaning and using clean dish cloths.  A quick hot wash done in 15 minutes is my idea of awesome.    This is especially perfect for those nights when DH realizes at 10pm he has a bike ride the next morning and MUST have some specific item (the guy has more cycling stuff than I have shoes! That may be an exaggeration, but seriously….)…now he can do a quick wash and hang it all to dry quickly before bed.  This might get renamed the marriage-saver featureJ! LOL

See what I mean? Life altering.  Who knew a new washer and dryer could do that?!

Now, put on your décor hat and think with me for a minute.  Now that the kitchen is painted and pretty, and we have a fancy pants pair of Electrolux washing machines, what do we do with this wall?

Heather In Heels Laundry Room Electrolux Canada

It needs to function as a laundry room.  Which means it needs:

  •  Storage for wash detergent, vinegar, dryer sheets, and stain remover
  • A counter top to sort and fold on
  • Possibly a rack for hanging clothes to dry (We currently use the dining room chairs. Which you can imagine I find frustrating.)
  • Potentially a laundry sink for dirty jobs like cleaning up after my DIY projects

BUT! Since this is my kitchen, I really actually want it took more like a kitchen.  I could absolutely use more cupboard space for my dishes.  I could also use some more pantry storage.  It is also one of the first major focal points when people come into our home.

So, this space also must:

  • Provide ample extra storage for both pantry items and dishes, and serving pieces
  • Potentially have some storage space exposed for display?
  • Allow the boys to still have their ‘dog-zone’ for eating
  • Have storage for the dog food
  • Have a countertop I can use for extra prep space for dinner parties

Heather In Heels Laundry Room Dog station eating zone

Here are some inspirational photos from my Houzz ideabook.  And let me know, what should I do so I love my laundry room? (that’s in my kitchen…J)

I love the sink here…

I love the exposed storage in this room…

at the same time, I think this is more what we need – cupboards right to the ceiling with some good lighting for display

and not that I can do this, but I love this! How awesome would this be in a laundry room!!?

Be sure to pop over to the official Electrolux Facebook page to take part in their exclusive #LoveYourLaundryRoom Challenge.

heather in heels electrolux

For the month of April, Electrolux is asking fans to share some Laundry Room love by submitting photos of your personal laundry rooms with a short answer to the following fill-in-the-blank: “I love my laundry room but its missing ___________”. The submission with the most votes will receive an Electrolux Laundry Pair and the winner will be featured on the Electrolux Facebook page with a Before & After photo of their newly-transformed Electrolux Laundry Room!  Good luck!

Exact Electrolux Pair Model Details:

EIFLS6CLT 5.0 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer with IQ-Touch™ Controls featuring Perfect Steam™ – titanium  & EIMED60LT 8.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Front Load Dryer with IQ-Touch™ Controls featuring Perfect Steam™ – titanium.  SEE full product details here.

Note:  I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful laundry pair from Electrolux, however was not paid for my post(s) and the opinions are entirely my own.



  1. by Isabelle on April 20, 2014  12:30 pm Reply

    You are missing Pedestals! They are great for storage, it will hide your plugs and you will not need to bend over to get in and out your machines. You will love them.

    • by Heather on April 20, 2014  12:39 pm Reply

      LOL:) I opted to go without....I would like to add countertops so I can use that space to fold and also to help out in the kitchen :)

    • by Heather on April 22, 2014  3:27 pm Reply

      ohh I do:) in heaven!

  2. by Hols on April 23, 2014  11:15 pm Reply

    15 minutes? I'm totally astounded by that. I think it would cut my loads every day time by like 1/4 of what it is now. I can't see what you come up with for your smart design - your ideas are great.

    • by Heather on April 24, 2014  7:24 am Reply

      thanks! the 15 minute wash time is totally a life changer!

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