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  • Simple Summer Entertaining, Fiesta-style w/ @ElectroluxCAN

  • My head hurts just a wee bit, but I'm smiling ear to ear from a great visit with great friends on Friday night.  DH and I hosted a dinner party of 14, and boy was it a FIESTA! It was the perfect summer evening and we were able to eat outside, which was heavenly. (I would like to thank my DH for posting this pic to his Instagram. For the record, I am not picking my nose. Seinfeld fans ... #no[...]
  • my dirty little secret...

  • When people say, "you've got such a beautiful home!" I smile, say thank you, and frankly...agree - I love our home, and it is beautiful (to me, which is what counts right?). But I have a bit of secret.... On most normal days there are dozens of dog toys strewn about (I picked up five in the kitchen alone this morning...), the chairs in the dining room and the stools in the kitchen are servin[...]
  • Help me Love My Laundry Room

  • The kitchen is now bright and sunny.  The chairs in the dining room are simply fabulous, and now the latest upgrade our multi-purpose kitchen/dining/ and laundry, yes laundry room! received is an Electrolux Laundry IQ-Touch™ washer and dryer in the titanium colour option.  I can’t tell you how life altering these beautiful creatures are.  Actually, I can – but in a moment. Did you ever spy the [...]