The Boys

If you know me IRL, you will know where this post is headed. “The Boys” as they are known, are our two dogs, Hermann-Maier and Eddie-Vedder. Both named after greatness. If you don’t know who one or either are, google them – it will only help your next game of Trivial Pursuit.

To say we have hundreds of photos of the boys would make me a liar. We have thousands. I kid you not. Ah, the beauty of digital! If you follow me (or DH) on Instagram you’ll know the boys are frequent subject matter.

Hermann is the older of the two, and larger – which provides the nick name, “big dude”. His two favourite things are lying on his back anticipating some rubs and playing with his tennis ball.


Eddie, three and a bit years younger and 30 pounds smaller, is “little dude” – which usually throws most people off since he’s a pretty big dog and by no means little:) Although he thinks he’s a lap dog. He is our property manager, guarding the perimeter alerting us to skateboarders going by.


As you can see, they are pretty much the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen. (That’s Eddie on the top snuggling w DH’s feet, and Hermann monopolizing the couch on the bottom.)


Cute companions who every day enjoy adventures on our walks, hikes, runs, and many visits to local conservation areas, lakes, parks, and more. If ever you wanted to get outside more, get a dog:)