How I organized my handbags

The way my handbags were organized was not organized. A heaping mess that regularly shifted and occasionally launched items at your head. It made swapping out my handbags annoying. Not that it stopped me, it was simply annoying.

They were all just piled up on the top shelf of the middle of our 3 unit wardrobe. They started out in a neat little row, but with each removal and swap it got progressively less neat. Now that space has some baskets with gift wrapping supplies, cards, stationary, and random ‘hostess gifts’. Which were all previously stacked in our library. Eventually I’d like to get some baskets that fit the space more effectively, but for now this cleans up not only the shelf, but also the library. A triple bonus!

See, much better!


And where did the handbags go you ask? Well, next to our wardrobe we have a little closet. It’s a small space, maybe 4 feet by 3 feet. What makes this closet special, is what makes the house in general special…it has nice high ceilings. The ceilings in this closet are 10 feet. And those are 10 feet I wasn’t taking full advantage of. Until now.

I popped some nice big hooks all the way around, including above the door, and voila! All the handbags are organized. I can reach them all and easily swap them out, plus I can clearly see them all which is nice.

I’ve put all the clutches into a little basket on the shelving unit inside and I even managed to re-organize all the shoes, towels, sheets, and supplies that are in there. It’s a small space, but now holds a lot! I’ve got 11 pairs of boots, 26 pairs of shoes, and all those purses and handbags in my linen closet:) Not to mention all the Royale toilet paper. I think I hoard it.


There is no nice way to get a good photo of the space, so apologies for this. However, it’s easy to see it’s delightfully organized now and I love it:)


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