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  • Vintage Red Clutch

  • I found the cutest clutch at our local second hand store this past weekend. It was a steal at $9.99, but I love most is its size. It can fit my iPad, a wallet, lipstick, phone, and other girly essentials without being over stuffed. Delightful. When I got it home I discovered that it wasn't in fact used. The original tag was still on, with the original price of $79.99, and a sale tag marki[...]
  • How I organized my handbags

  • The way my handbags were organized was not organized. A heaping mess that regularly shifted and occasionally launched items at your head. It made swapping out my handbags annoying. Not that it stopped me, it was simply annoying. They were all just piled up on the top shelf of the middle of our 3 unit wardrobe. They started out in a neat little row, but with each removal and swap it got progr[...]