New uses for old windows

I like to turn found objects into my own. Driving home from a hike in a local conservation area with the dogs one day I spotted a half a dozen old windows just stacked at the end of someone’s driveway. Naturally, I did what all logical people do when they see one man’s trash out, I stopped to put it into my car. I drove home with my treasure.

I had no idea what I would do with them. But they were free and they are filled with possibilities. There are a few sizes, so the possibilities are even more so!

I’ve been itching for a chalkboard in the kitchen for a while. So, the first project was to convert one of the old windows into a chalkboard.

I started out sanding out the whole thing down, glass included. I used a power sander for the wood and a sanding block for the glass. Once that was done I washed the whole thing down and let it dry.

I followed the instructions on the chalkboard paint and applied a few coats over a few days. I decided to leave the frame natural. I feel it really fits well with the rest of the kitchen (for now!).

It’s been up for a while now and it went into immediate use. I use it for grocery reminders or important appointments. We also use it to leave notes for each other, super handy! To quote George Bluth, “and that’s why you always leave a note!”.

For one of the larger windows I wanted to do something more on the creative side. I have a large Fork Spoon Knife painting I did years ago, and feel like it needed a companion. I didn’t want to replicate the painting, but still wanted a utensil of some sort. Initially I was thinking a fork, but when I sketched out the template it seemed a bit too devil’s fork-ish. A knife would just be silly and so naturally I landed on the spoon. As soon as I sketched out the template, I knew a spoon was perfect.

Just like the chalkboard, I sanded the wood frame down. I washed it clean and let it dry.

I used craft paper to sketch out the spoon shape. I did it freehand. I am not fond of rules or restrictions. I cut the spoon out and taped the stencil to the frame on the back. I wanted to paint the back so when it was hung it would be glossy.

I applied a few coats of paint, let it dry, and presto – art! Now that it’s hung, I love how it ‘works’ with the other painting. And, since it’s in the kitchen with the chalkboard their frames work well together.

I still have a few more windows to make good use of. Haven’t figured out what yet, but inspiration always comes when I least expect it. In the meantime, they’re safe and sound in the shed.



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  3. by Time With Thea on January 6, 2014  10:28 pm Reply

    I love what you did with the windows! i am so inspired. We have a shop in town that takes used building and home materials. i will be stopping by now looking for just the right windows so i can replicate this project! Thank you! By the way, I pinned and google+ ed this for you! ~Thea

    • by Heather on January 7, 2014  7:55 am Reply

      Thank you so much Thea! Can't wait to see what you create:)

  4. by Tia on January 7, 2014  4:05 pm Reply

    Love a good recycling craft! If I had more storage space I would have been all over these too, can't wait to see what you do with the rest!!

    • by Heather on January 8, 2014  7:20 am Reply

      Thanks so much Tia!

  5. by Dani @ lifeovereasy on January 8, 2014  12:30 am Reply

    Roadside finds are the best! I love both ideas, especially the idea of painting on the glass. And we always quote that George Bluth line :)

    • by Heather on January 8, 2014  7:21 am Reply

      LOL:) so many words of wisdom come from Arrested Development:)!

  6. by Stephanie on January 12, 2014  1:42 pm Reply

    great ideas! I've seen them used on a porch to create a semi enclosed area - which would be nice with your paint ideas as well!

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