Yoga Jeans™ Review & Giveaway (hint: they’re FABULOUS!)

I love denim.

I love denim so much I wore a denim jacket with my wedding dress. It’s affectionately known as the “wedding denim”. It’s well worn in now, but loved even more. This is what I love about denim. It becomes part of you.

Heather In Heels blog wedding denim

And so, when I received a super awesome tweet from Yoga Jeans™ a few months ago asking if I’d be up to review their denim, I naturally said YES!

I was graciously provided a pair of Yoga Jeans™ to review (and keep! which is awesome because I wouldn’t give them back I love them too much) and offered the opportunity to give YOU a pair too! #awesome

I picked out the High Rise Skinny in Polar, but honestly had a heck of time picking just which pair I would try out – so many great options! (and colours!)

Heather In Heels blog Yoga Jeans Review

And the report?

These are hands down the most comfortable, well fitting jeans I have ever worn. EVER.


I have leggings that are less comfy than these jeans.

While I typically would be upset about the colder than normal July we’ve had, I was honestly pleased to see the highs under 25c…which meant I could sport my Yoga Jeans™. The true test of good jeans for me is a combination of a few things: can they go easily from casual to classy? can I wear them a few days in a row and not end up with ‘elephant knees’? and do they make my butt look good? (this last one is pretty crucial).

These got A++ in all categories. I dressed them up with heels, down with flats, rolled the cuff, tucked the cuff, popped them into boots on a cold evening… These jeans did it all. And my butt looks fantastic:)

Heather In Heels Blog Yoga Jeans review different shoes

As a bonus to being the best fitting, most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned, they are also 100% Canadian. Which is astoundingly awesome. The entire story of Yoga Jeans™ is actually quite fascinating and I totally encourage you to check it out.

And now to the fun part.

The generous people over at Yoga Jeans™ (Second Clothing Co.) are giving away one pair of Yoga Jeans™ to one lucky winner, in your favourite cut & style!! Enter below.

Yoga Jeans™ Giveaway via Heather In Heels

Sponsored Post Disclaimer: As I said at the top of the post, I was provided a pair of Yoga Jeans™ at no cost for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions, as always, are 100% my own.


  1. by Danica on August 1, 2014  7:15 am Reply

    I've heard so many great things about these jeans!!! Here is to hoping I win!

    • by Heather on August 1, 2014  1:44 pm Reply

      good luck! and thanks for entering:) I am in love with them - totally the best jeans ever.

  2. by bmwoods72 on August 1, 2014  7:54 am Reply

    I have always wanted to try Yoga Jeans and your blog post reinforced it!

    • by Heather on August 1, 2014  1:44 pm Reply

      good luck!

  3. by mama lola on August 1, 2014  8:47 am Reply

    fingers crossed i win! i so desperately need a new pair of jeans and these are just my thang!! hahaha! love your boots here heather!

    • by Heather on August 1, 2014  1:44 pm Reply

      thanks! the boots are Aldo from last year:) so comfy!

    • by Heather on August 1, 2014  1:45 pm Reply

      I think I may never own another pair of jeans - they just set the bar too high:)

  4. by sarahdeveau on August 1, 2014  11:33 am Reply

    I love jeans too, and am always looking for new comfy ones. I have never heard of this company before - thanks for sharing!

    • by Heather on August 1, 2014  1:45 pm Reply

      and Canadian to boot! which is awesome:) good luck Sarah!

  5. by Meghan D on August 1, 2014  1:17 pm Reply

    I have always wanted to try Yoga Jeans!

    • by Heather on August 1, 2014  1:45 pm Reply

      they are sooooo crazy comfy! thanks for entering:) good luck!

  6. by Jessica on August 1, 2014  5:35 pm Reply

    Your butt does look fantastic! ;)

    • by Heather on August 1, 2014  6:11 pm Reply

      LOL, thanks! and that's what it's all about!:)

  7. by Erin on August 2, 2014  9:20 am Reply

    Amazing jeans, love that it's a canadian company! So many great colour/style options too!

    • by Heather on August 2, 2014  10:04 am Reply

      agree! love being able to support Canadian:)!

  8. by Jeannie on August 2, 2014  11:13 am Reply

    I have heard nothing but amazing things about Yoga jeans....Not only do they look great on you, but they sound so comfortable!

    • by Heather on August 2, 2014  1:42 pm Reply

      they totally are Jeannie:) Not sure I'll buy another kind!

  9. by katieedwardsis on August 4, 2014  10:21 am Reply

    I have to check these out. Comfort is a MUST for me.

  10. by Pam on August 5, 2014  8:58 am Reply

    i enjoyed reading about how the brothers love of jeans and creating new styles started when they were kids.

  11. by Kristen Rudd on August 5, 2014  1:42 pm Reply

    Love this jeans! Would LOVE to win a pair!

  12. by MJ Moore (@butterflyrouge) on August 5, 2014  6:55 pm Reply

    I'm in the US, and I have a ton of respect for Canadian brands- Miik is one of my top favorites ever! So I'd love to try Yoga jeans, I'm sure they are excellent :)

    • by Heather on August 6, 2014  7:15 am Reply

      thanks so much for entering MJ!:) I'll have to check out Miik for sure!

  13. by brooklynberrydesigns on August 6, 2014  12:56 am Reply

    I would be curious to try them myself! I love the color you chose as well!

    • by Heather on August 6, 2014  7:15 am Reply

      you'd love them Brooke - make you look and feel great - but so comfy you can do anything in them!

  14. by Leslie on August 6, 2014  11:32 am Reply

    I would love to try these out, what is the waistband like?

    • by Heather on August 6, 2014  8:35 pm Reply

      HI Leslie - waistband on the model/style I have is perfect! sits at the right spot, hugs but not too snug, wide enough for a great belt.

  15. by Belinda McNabb on August 6, 2014  11:27 pm Reply

    I have been wanting a pair of these for ages. They look so comfy

    • by Heather on August 7, 2014  2:23 pm Reply

      thanks for entering Belinda:)

  16. by Ashley C on August 7, 2014  9:44 am Reply

    I've been eyeing these jeans for awhile, I love my yoga pants and I love my jeans ;)


    • by Heather on August 7, 2014  2:23 pm Reply

      LOL - it's the perfect combo!

  17. by Home To Heather on August 7, 2014  10:37 am Reply

    Oh! I have a pair of Yoga Jeans! I love them and had no idea they were Canadian made. Awesome!

    • by Heather on August 7, 2014  2:22 pm Reply

      I love that they are Canadian made:)

  18. by Laura Downs on August 7, 2014  11:10 am Reply

    Those look so comfortable and stylish. I've tried jeggings, but these look way better

    • by Heather on August 7, 2014  2:22 pm Reply

      way better! soooo comfy - and super stylish too!

  19. by SUMMER PLEWES on August 7, 2014  2:39 pm Reply

    I have never tried these!! I have always been curious about them. Thank you for the chance.

  20. by brightandshiny87 on August 7, 2014  2:50 pm Reply

    These jeans look great, and if they are added bonus!
    Bright and Shiny

  21. by Brenda Penton on August 7, 2014  6:43 pm Reply

    Awesome, I just seen a video a few days with someone doing yoga in yoga jeans! I'd love to try them.

  22. by Lori Bazan on August 8, 2014  6:23 am Reply

    Yoga Jeans look amazing and as I am losing weight and being more active these would be great to own!

  23. by Ellen Casper on August 9, 2014  8:54 am Reply

    Love the look of these jeans!

  24. by Carla B on August 11, 2014  9:31 pm Reply

    How do you narrow it down to only one pair?! :)

  25. by Andrea L. on August 13, 2014  11:20 am Reply

    Would love to try and new colour and style. I love Yoga Jeans!

  26. by Hester on August 14, 2014  1:55 pm Reply

    Totally agree on how comfortable Yoga jeans are, and on their fabulous butt-flattering cut; they're the only jeans I've found in years which fit my hips and booty but don't gape at the waist. Loving the "Dusk" colour too.

  27. by Kelly on August 14, 2014  2:34 pm Reply

    Totally need a pair!

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