Those little labels & laundry care

Other than the flying cars and outfits, sometimes I feel like we live in the era of the Jetsons. Computers everywhere, in everything. And while I’m not keen on a take-over Matrix style, I do enjoy how simple the machines in our house make things.

I can learn to cook something new watching a video on youtube right at the kitchen counter. I can take a picture, edit it, and share it with the world easily. I can do laundry and with the push of a button have it take care of my clothes with ease.

Remember my dirty little secret? The ‘stuffed animal’ setting took care of it. All the cycling clothes we wear on a weekly basis? The ‘performance apparel’ setting takes care of those. Sadly though, when a new item comes into the house I hit a hiccup. Those little labels that seem to require a degree to understand confuse me and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one. I’ve shrunk a few sweaters, ruined a few dry clean only items, and even created my own tie-die.

Laundry Care Tips from Heather In Heels and Electrolux Canada

Here to help, Electrolux has created a handy little guide to laundry care, which will definitely help us all along. Click on the image below to see the full guide and all the helpful tips.

Laundry Care Tips from Heather In Heels and Electrolux Canada tip sheet

Note: I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful laundry pair from Electrolux, however was not paid for my posts and the opinions are entirely my own.


  1. by swellconditions on August 19, 2014  10:34 am Reply

    Thanks for the link to the guide and tips, sometimes I need a little help when it comes to laundry care!!

  2. by Time With Thea (@TimeWithThea) on August 19, 2014  11:35 am Reply

    This is really good information and inspiration. I love the laundry room ideas too! Pinning for future reference.

  3. by katieedwardsis on August 19, 2014  3:23 pm Reply

    OMG THANK YOU. Those tags have always been a total mystery to me, and I'm too lazy to look up the meaning. Pinning!

  4. by Virginia Fynes on August 20, 2014  11:27 am Reply

    that cheat sheet is awesome, I never know what they are. I'll be referring to this guy!

  5. by sarahdeveau on August 21, 2014  10:45 am Reply

    Love it! I often ended up googling the symbols on my phone. This is going on the corkboard in the laundry room.

  6. by Tara on August 22, 2014  12:16 am Reply

    Love the cheat sheet! I admit - I'm not exactly the queen of laundry. Little tips like this make a world of difference!

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