Dining room chandelier DIY

Moving day into this house a little over six years ago was a hectic day. All moving days are hectic yes, but this one was frustratingly hectic.

I was given the keys to the house (you know, which means it’s yours…) drove an hour from our city house with a car loaded to the tits and poor Hermann-Maier on the front seat. Note: 110 pound dogs don’t like the front seat. They don’t fit. They have to rest their head on the dash. I’m sure this was not safe. Anyhooo….

Hermann and I arrived on a sunny Thursday (incidentally, it was also my 30th birthday!) and found the lady we bought the house from still IN MY HOUSE. The house was messy and the movers were still moving her out.


So, being me I got to work. I started cleaning, I swept, I helped move her stuff out.

And three hours later the house had just me and Hermann…and a serious shortage of lighting and mirrors in it while we waited for DH and all our friends with the entire contents of our house. (she took all the bathroom mirrors – odd)

We lived without a chandelier in the dining room for one year exactly. While I loved the ambiance at dinner party after dinner party with nothing but candles lining the room, I didn’t like having that side of the open concept living/dining dark when I was cooking (especially in the winter).


So for my birthday the year after we moved in, we got a chandelier. And while I love it…it really doesn’t work with the space.

And then a couple weekends ago I popped into an antique store and found the most perfect chandelier for a mere $40! It needed to be re-wired so I could add a good length of chain, so I got some new wires (white), new chain (white), and some white spray paint, and tada! new chandelier for the dining room!


Or so I thought. When DH was installing it we realized we needed a longer thingy to make the plate sit flush with the ceiling. Thingy is the technical term….so off to Home Depot we went, and we found a thingy:)

And then it was all done! I am pleased as punch. Much better for the space.



  1. by Jo on July 11, 2014  8:49 am Reply

    Gorgeous ❤️ it.

    • by Heather on July 11, 2014  9:42 am Reply


  2. by Isabelle on July 11, 2014  2:11 pm Reply

    Heather where did you re-wire the lamp?

    • by Heather on July 11, 2014  2:17 pm Reply

      I rewired it sitting in my living room. It didn't need new wires for the arms, just the big one that connects the lamp to the ceiling, it needed to be much much longer (and white).

  3. by Kristen S on July 15, 2014  9:26 am Reply

    I need to re-wire my grandmothers chandelier, but I'm totally afraid! So many little tiny crystal arms. I think I may bite the bullet and take it in. I usually DIY till I die, but glass & electricity scares me!

    • by Heather on July 15, 2014  10:41 am Reply

      it was actually much easier than I thought, thankfully! I received GREAT advice from the electrician at Home Depot, which helped a lot! good luck:)

  4. by Dani @ lifeovereasy on July 15, 2014  4:09 pm Reply

    Love it! And so cool that you were able to DIY it. It looks great in that space.

    • by Heather on July 16, 2014  7:03 am Reply

      Thanks so much Dani:)

  5. by Heather on July 15, 2014  8:39 pm Reply

    Love it!! So so pretty - what a fab makeover

    • by Heather on July 16, 2014  7:04 am Reply

      Thanks Heather! :)

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