Here comes the kitchen re-vamp!

I’m writing this post from seat 2D aboard an Air Canada flight for work……but all I can think about are the five gallons of PARA Paint sitting in the dining room! I can’t wait to get back home later this week to get started!!

I am thrilled to share that I’ll be working with PARA Paints and Tonic Living fabrics to give our large open concept kitchen/dining room a re-vamp. If you don’t know how much I love working with PARA Paint, just check out our fabulous Jazzleberry Jam living room!

As I’ve mentioned before, any room that I haven’t yet taken care of is “sell my house beige”, including this room – so needless to say I’m super pleased to be giving it not only a fresh coat of paint, but new life with a new colour.

The colour I’ve picked is PARA’s colour of the year for 2014, Plantain Chips – a bright and sunny shade of yellow, perfect for this space! Yellow is notoriously a great colour for kitchens, but also works well with the beautiful dove grey in our hallway, and the fresh white of the powder room.

In addition to the walls getting fresh paint, the trim, ceiling beams, and one of the doors will be getting a fresh coat of PARA’s Jo Jo Whitewash. Yes, that means I’ll be sanding down a lot of wood trim (and the door!) to get them spanking fresh white, but it will be worth it. Plus, with so many other fabulous wood pieces in the space (like our antique fridge), I really didn’t like how distracting the wood trim was…

The dining room chairs, which although fabulous, will also be getting a new life. I’ve been itching to re-cover them ever since Tonic Living sent us home from Blog Podium with some fabulous fabric swatches.

I’ll be using this Graphic Fret in Greystone from Tonic Living to recover the dining room chairs and I’ll also be re-painting them. I am still deciding between painting them a deep charcoal grey, black, white, or ?? not sure…. if you’ve got some ideas let me know!

The other item I’m also undecided on is the hutch. This beautiful piece was a gift from one of my MILs – yes, I’ve got two. Weekly I alternate between painting it, not painting it, adding wallpaper to the back, removing the doors, or just simply leaving it. If you’ve got some ideas on that one, I’d love to hear it. I am guessing it might be something I decide after all the painting is done – see how it works in the newly painted space.

And finally, I am going to be re-doing the backsplash. Most likely it will simply get painted white because I really love the texture of the vintage tin. I also ran the idea of painting the backsplash with chalkboard paint by DH, but I hadn’t even finished my sentence before he said, “NO way”…so I am guessing using my veto power on this one is not wise:) (you don’t get through a decade of marriage without learning how to pick your battles, LOL!)

So ….. lots of fun is in store for me when I get home and I can’t wait to get started! But in the meantime, let me know what you think I should do with the chairs and the hutch (or even the backsplash)!

ps. some of you may notice that our dining room table has changed…we’ve had this one in storage and moved the long harvest table up to our home office (more on that project later). It isn’t the perfect table for the space…but it’s headed in the right direction – I love the circular versus the rectangle.

pps. here are a bunch of PRE photos:) Can’t wait to get started!!!





  1. by Shauna Oberg on February 19, 2014  2:46 pm Reply

    We've been saving up for our kitchen remodel and I can't wait to get started on it. How exciting for you!

    • by Heather on February 19, 2014  3:06 pm Reply

      Super exciting indeed! Would love to add to the project but new paint will definitely do for now:)

  2. by Krista thehappyhousie on February 19, 2014  11:42 pm Reply

    SOOOOO exciting- we have a pretty open concept space too and plan to redo our kitchen this year. I am a HUGE tonic living fan too!! How amazing to get to work with two fabulous companies like that!!

    • by Heather on February 20, 2014  7:28 am Reply

      I am super spoiled to be able to work with two companies who I really love - can't wait to get started!

  3. by Tash @ The Dreamhouse Project on February 20, 2014  6:27 pm Reply

    Wow, very exciting! Really looking forward to seeing the big reveal. You've picked some really great PARA colours and I love that fabric choice. I'm thinking the chairs would look uber sexy in a dark charcoal colour.

    • by Heather on February 20, 2014  7:06 pm Reply

      thanks so much Tash!! Thanks so much for the colour suggestions - I'm definitely headed that way!:)

  4. by Angie@Echoes of Laughter on February 21, 2014  11:10 am Reply

    Room makeovers are one of my favourite posts to read! How lucky are you to have two amazing companies to work with! I can't wait to see the end result! Have a lovely weekend painting! Angie xo

    • by Heather on February 21, 2014  11:13 am Reply

      me too! is it 4pm yet? can I get home to start painting yet? LOL:)

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