Project powder room

We have the cutest little powder room on our main floor. It’s got the crazy high ceilings the rest of our main floor has, but the brown paint the previous owner had put in there really didn’t make it feel this way. It had so much potential.

Plus it had one very annoying trait, which I and I alone ever noticed. But it drove me bonkers. The shelf/cupboard thingy above the toilet was neither centered above the toilet, nor centered between the mirror and the wall. This really bothered me. Every single I time I would refill it with spare toilet paper, I would let out an audible “ugh!” in frustration.

So when it came time to paint the bathroom I was only too delighted to rip that sucker from the wall.

Ripping that thing out was where the pleasure stopped though. I realized there brown was paint over top of that textured wall paper you’re supposed to paint. What I didn’t realize was it was installed BEFORE the beadboard. Annoying. So, what started out as a simple job ended with me using an exacto knife to score along the beadboard and along the upper trim to get a clean line. There really wasn’t enough wine to make this part of the project fun.

I painted the whole thing white, ceiling included. I love white paint. I am fond of painting ceiling, trim, and walls all the same colour white. I painted some ‘motivational’ artwork, installed a vintage ladder I got a garage sale for $5 (total score!), a great photograph I bought at an ACT auction years ago, and now we have a lovely clean bright powder room.



UPDATE: a fun vintage addition went into the room, check out the full post here

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