Easy DIY Jewellery Display Storage

Getting ready for work the other morning I looked around and realized that I had ugly things like hair products out …. and pretty things like costume jewellery, in drawers. So I decided I would fix it. What I needed was containers or dishes to help me display it.

I picked up dishes and a two pack of giraffes at the dollar store and needed only glue (I used crazy glue) and spray paint to finish the project off.


I ended up swapping the deeper dish I got at the dollar store for an old soap dish I had buried in the linen closet. The dish was too deep to have an animal in it as well as bobbles:) A very good decision!

Here are the finished products! I am quite pleased with how easy it was and how much of an effect they have.


Now all my hair products and other miscellaneous things are away neatly in drawers, and pretty things are displayed waiting to be enjoyed:)

ps. a tip: paint the giraffe with white paint before you spray paint (and glue to plate/dish), otherwise you’ll need boatloads of white spray paint.


  1. by Britt @ My Daily Randomness on January 27, 2014  9:40 am Reply

    BRILLIANT!! This seriously looks like something you would pay a pretty penny for! I'll have to try this... might make mine with some unicorns (I have a minor obsession with unicorns!). Thanks for the inspiration!

    • by Heather on January 27, 2014  9:53 am Reply

      YES! oh my gosh Unicorns would be FABULOUS! and that would give you someplace for rings....which I don't have right now:) I see another project on the horizon:) LOL

  2. by Meredith on January 27, 2014  9:53 am Reply

    This is so cute! I've seen a lot of *tacky* looking jewelry displays on Pinterest but this is one that I'd do! I love the idea of hanging the bracelets off the giraffe, as opposed to just using it to stack like I've seen many others doing. Great idea :)

    • by Heather on January 27, 2014  10:25 am Reply

      thanks so much Meredith!

  3. by Marion Taylor on January 27, 2014  10:14 am Reply

    Too fun! And a nice little dresser vignette!

    • by Heather on January 27, 2014  10:25 am Reply

      thanks Marion!

  4. by Tracey Tabone on January 27, 2014  11:04 am Reply

    This is freaking AMAZING and I don't know why I never thought about doing something like this?!

    • by Heather on January 27, 2014  12:35 pm Reply

      thanks Tracey! it was such a fun project - and with all the animals and dish sizes/types to choose from, the possibilities are endless!:)

  5. by Steph on January 28, 2014  9:05 am Reply

    That's the cutest idea! Looks like you need a couple more though ;)

    • by Heather on January 28, 2014  9:24 am Reply

      LOL! thanks Steph! I actually think a few more are definitely in order! was thinking of something like stacked cake trays or something to give height...stay tuned:)

  6. by Megan on January 28, 2014  1:40 pm Reply

    This is so cute! I did a similar DIY via Darby Smart (http://www.darbysmart.com/projects/dino-ring-dish). I love it!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    • by Heather on January 28, 2014  1:50 pm Reply

      I love it! Thanks so much for sharing Megan:)!

  7. by Jo-Anna@APrettyLife on January 28, 2014  5:43 pm Reply

    What a great idea! The possibilities for this are endless...now you've got me thinking! Love it!

    • by Heather on January 28, 2014  6:57 pm Reply

      Thanks so much Jo-Anna! I'm itching to do more too:) LOL!

  8. by Sabrina @ Pink Little Notebook on January 30, 2014  10:20 am Reply

    Honestly...what a great & stylish idea! I love the way it looks! How cute would it be to have a display of different animals...each one for different accessories!

    • by Heather on January 30, 2014  10:54 am Reply

      agree completely Sabrina! I am totally going to making more - would make a great gift too! thanks so much for your kind words:)

  9. by Lindsey on January 31, 2014  9:29 am Reply

    I love these! Great idea and sooo easy to do. And your jewels look great on them!

    • by Heather on January 31, 2014  12:00 pm Reply

      Thanks Linds! it's so much nicer seeing them (and wearing them!) than having everything tucked away... :)

  10. by beckipeckham on January 31, 2014  1:32 pm Reply

    Oh my god this is too cute! Love it

    • by Heather on January 31, 2014  1:48 pm Reply

      thanks so much Becki!

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