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  • Three things I hide from my husband

  • Okay, so this post might seem like a ramble jamble mish mash, but stick with me here. I've got some truth telling to do, a product review, AND a give-a-way! Let's start with a little secret. I hide things from DH. Three in fact. 1) JuJubes. It's not so much that I hide them, it's more .... "if he doesn't think to look for candy behind the tea, that's his problem..." So not hiding. Just [...]
  • Fiestaware inspired bar stools

  • From boring bar stools to a fabulous FIESTA! This project combined my love of many things: spray paint, new to me treasures from the #ReStore, my staple gun, and Fiestaware. Such a great combination! I make a point of stopping in at my local ReStore on a regular basis.  You never know what you'll find, and I have a long mental list of things I could easily pick up.  One such item on my list [...]
  • Easy DIY Jewellery Display Storage

  • Getting ready for work the other morning I looked around and realized that I had ugly things like hair products out .... and pretty things like costume jewellery, in drawers. So I decided I would fix it. What I needed was containers or dishes to help me display it. I picked up dishes and a two pack of giraffes at the dollar store and needed only glue (I used crazy glue) and spray paint to f[...]
  • Fiestaware obsessed

  • I have an obsession with dishes. This may be putting it mildly. There is more than one complete set in our house, and I'm guessing I have enough plates to serve 70 people+. So, yes, a mild obsession. Other people get to stock their cupboards with sippy cups, I get the fun stuff:) Some of my favourites are my Fiestaware. It's the bright colours, the way they mix and match, the way a [...]