Original Art

A very fond (and clear) memory from my childhood is my grandfather, who I called “Dede”, teaching me how to draw. I remember sitting at my grandparents kitchen table with pencils and paper and Dede teaching me to draw a rabbit. Not only did Dede teach me to draw, but he gave me an appreciation for creating things on my own, to let inspiration carry me away.

He was a super special man, who I think of often. This picture of us, taken 35 years ago this month, sits on my bedside table.


It is Dede I think of when I paint. I’m no artist, but I love painting. I love being inspired by a colour or mood and just having at a blank canvas and seeing what comes of it. Plus, personally, I would rather have original art on the walls of our home than art everyone could get at IKEA or Homesense.


One of my favourites is the painting that hangs in our guest room. And, while super simple, I also love the ‘motivational’ art in our main floor powder room. The ‘Fork, Knife, Spoon’ which hangs in our kitchen has two other paintings beneath it – but I still haven’t tired of it and think it will be around for years. It also works well with the project I did with one of the old windows.

I buy big white canvases whenever I see them on sale, and then I have them when inspiration strikes. And when it does, I think of my Dede and know he is watching over me, smiling and holding my Nana’s hand.

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