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  • Project Guestroom

  • Our guestroom was the first room I did anything to. The rest of the house (except the main powder room) was a colour I like to call “sell my house beige”. Boooooring. But the guestroom, well ….. it was something special. It was this. (yes, that’s about four loads of laundry waiting to be folded) I am not sure what redeeming quality anyone ever saw in this wallpaper ….ever, but wow. It w[...]
  • Project powder room

  • We have the cutest little powder room on our main floor. It’s got the crazy high ceilings the rest of our main floor has, but the brown paint the previous owner had put in there really didn’t make it feel this way. It had so much potential. Plus it had one very annoying trait, which I and I alone ever noticed. But it drove me bonkers. The shelf/cupboard thingy above the toilet was neither cente[...]
  • Project headboard

  • A few years ago we were able to put new windows in. This was an amazing day! Of all the apartments we lived in, and our first house in the city (which was also super old), we’ve never had a house we could open the windows! Most of the windows had been sealed shut, or they were so old and wonky they didn’t open even if you wanted to. This house was the same until that fateful day. When they took[...]