My weekend in photos

This past weekend was lovely. It was also a long one. That makes it particularly lovely.

The weekend started with this stunning rainbow. You could see the whole arc, the entire beautiful rainbow going from one side of our town to the other. This photo doesn’t do it justice at all. But I do love the old barn. I love old barns.


On Saturday afternoon I was lucky enough to join the handsome Andrew Dobson from DobbernationLOVES for Champagne Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton. Getting a message from a handsome man suggesting you wear great heels and meet him at the Ritz? Pretty hard to refuse:) Especially when food is involved!

It was truly an experience.


A few months ago I sanded down and painted one of the old windows I have. At the time it held cards DH and I exchanged over the years. Not long after it was hung, it got moved so we could use it for DH’s work. Well, we just got it home and I did this to it. I added some vintage cycling posters we had acquired. I like the grouping more than simply framing each one, plus as this project has shown…it’s bound for another easy update whenever the mood strikes.


And in true fashion, our boys oozed cuteness and used their Jedi mind trick skills to get lots of playing done.


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