Project headboard

A few years ago we were able to put new windows in. This was an amazing day! Of all the apartments we lived in, and our first house in the city (which was also super old), we’ve never had a house we could open the windows! Most of the windows had been sealed shut, or they were so old and wonky they didn’t open even if you wanted to.

This house was the same until that fateful day. When they took out the old windows (which were not original), we asked to keep the two original stained glass portions from above the living room and dining room windows, which had never been replaced.

I had no plans for these – since they were super ugly stained glass, but kept them out of nostalgia. That and a certain amount of peer pressure from our neighbours. I kid you not.

Peer pressure.

The reason? Our house is a big old house that generations of people have enjoyed. It resides in a small town. Ergo, lots of other people have some very serious opinions about what you do to your house.

When the window guys were here, I had no less than three neighbours tell me it was very wrong to get rid of the original stained glass. “It’s part of the house!” they would explain to me.

So we kept them.

And guess what? They’re still part of the house. Well, one of them is anyways. The other is still in the shed awaiting it’s transformation.

I turned it into a headboard for our guest room.

I started out by sanding the whole thing down. This took FOREVER because there were so many layers of ancient paint on it. Once it was clean and smooth, I gave it a few good coats of white paint. I drew out stencils of the windows and cut cardboard to fit. I wrapped each with some quilt batting and fabric, stapled it, and presto – headboard!