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  • Simple Summer Entertaining, Fiesta-style w/ @ElectroluxCAN

  • My head hurts just a wee bit, but I'm smiling ear to ear from a great visit with great friends on Friday night.  DH and I hosted a dinner party of 14, and boy was it a FIESTA! It was the perfect summer evening and we were able to eat outside, which was heavenly. (I would like to thank my DH for posting this pic to his Instagram. For the record, I am not picking my nose. Seinfeld fans ... #no[...]
  • Tips for easy dinner party hosting

  • I love hosting dinner parties. I love everything about it, from menu planning through to doing the dishes afterwards. A few weekends ago we hosted a great group of friends we've known for....well, forever it seems. With friends like these I want to spend as much time as I can visiting rather than worrying about food. Advance preparation is key. So, here are my tips for easy hosting duties. (Bra[...]
  • Easy Summer Meals

  • I love to barbecue. We use our barbecue all year long and in the warmer months it is pretty much a daily affair. Most of my favourite summer meals are easy meals involving the barbecue and something quick and easy like a salad. Most weeks you'll find us enjoying burgers at least once, most times twice - I don't like freezing buns unless I have to. We usually enjoy our burgers with a side of [...]