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  • Life outside the perfect @Instagram photo

  • So a thought occurred to me the other day¬†as I was moving stuff from my kitchen/dining room into the living room. Before I get to the thought though, let me list out the things I moved: two bicycles bread, bagels, and a baguette a basket of cycling accessories three pairs of shoes one pair of rubber boots laundry detergent a laundry basket two dining room chairs my purse[...]
  • A total holy crap moment...

  • ...or, why I almost vomited on Canada Day. It was just after 7am on Canada Day. As I usually do, I checked my mobile to see what was going on the world. And then it was there. An email. And my gut recoiled. And then I started crying. The email said a lot of beautiful things and ended with this, "Thank you so much for your words. They have lifted me. I'm really grateful." And to th[...]