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  • Simple Spring Staircase makeover

  • HELLOOOOO! Let's first start with an obvious question.....where the f&*k have I been? Well. Nowhere really. I will make a very long story very very short. Our house is on the market and it's been a process. A process I tell you. We didn't tackle any projects at first because they make a mess, you disrupt the 'viewing schedule' and other silly reasons. BUT! After living in a holding pa[...]
  • Project Staircase (also why I love blogs)

  • Last winter I painted the hallway. And by hallway I mean the entire first floor main entrance, the staircase up to the second floor, and the entire second floor hallway. Basically, every ‘common’ area that isn’t a room. I’ll share some pics of that project later, because it was quite the process. I’m a bit pressed for time this week because I leave for Japan on Saturday! JAPAN! So excited. More to[...]