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  • 10 Reasons to love @RentFrockRepeat #LessStuffMoreLife

  • I've said it before (here, here, and here!) how much I looooove Rent Frock Repeat, so I thought I'd compile my top 10 reasons why. 1. Designer dresses at a fraction of the cost 2. A constantly evolving stock of fab frocks 3. Truly exceptional customer service (I have unreasonably high expectations too btw) 4. A super simple way to rent online & have it all shipped right to your door 5. A pe[...]
  • Mona Lisa #Selfie {an art project}

  • I just finished a super fun (and easy art project) for a friend and I am hesitant to let it go, I love it so much! A few weeks ago while out to lunch with my friend Isabelle, she asked me if I was up for a project. Naturally, my answer was YES!! When Isabelle bought her house, she found this Mona Lisa print in her basement. When I started to pull apart the frame, matting, and print, I discove[...]