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  • DIY Faux Floral Art

  • Did the words "faux floral" stop you in your tracks? Are you wondering if I've gone bonkers? Well good news. I'm not (officially) bonkers and I'm super glad I stopped you in your tracks. Why? Well, because most faux flowers are super ugo and make me think of tacky 90's fake plants littering houses collecting dust on top shelves and above the kitchen cabinets. So you can bet when I heard [...]
  • How to make pillows from old sweaters

  • Remember the awesome Christmas pillows? (see full post here) Well, I made some more.  This time for fall:) Yet again, it was a trip to Value Village to find four sweaters that worked well together.  Then I picked up some complimenting yarn, little decorations, and the stuffing at Michael's. Making a straight line from armpit to armpit, I cut the 'tops' off each sweater. The nex[...]
  • Rubber Ducky...You're the one

  • It's the first love song I knew the words to:) You can't help but smile when you hear it (or sing it!). Ever since the bathroom got a new mirror I've wanted to add something to the wall behind it. I wanted something subtle because the room is quite long and narrow and I still want your eye to travel to the window, not freeze on a large picture or colourful piece of art. I also wanted s[...]