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  • Full Disclosure: A peek behind the curtain

  • Update: this change has come into effect as of January 1, 2017 and it is now law:) A few weeks ago some news broke that got bloggers all a twitter. Why? Well, coming soon to a blog near you will be rules around how bloggers (and anyone else making claims or promoting products online) will have to do business. They have to provide full disclosure. Yes, folks - we're getting a peek behind the [...]
  • Finding my inner ninja at #BlogHer13

  • I've just returned from my very first blogging conference as a blogger. Heading into BlogHer13 I really had no idea what to expect. People told me to pack lots of shoes (that was easy!), they said to ensure I had oodles of chargers and power for all my devices, and to bring lots of business cards. (Those are my feet. I was the first person in line to pick up my registration for #BlogHer1[...]