my dirty little secret…

When people say, “you’ve got such a beautiful home!” I smile, say thank you, and frankly…agree – I love our home, and it is beautiful (to me, which is what counts right?).

But I have a bit of secret….

On most normal days there are dozens of dog toys strewn about (I picked up five in the kitchen alone this morning…), the chairs in the dining room and the stools in the kitchen are serving as drying racks for cycling clothes (clothesline season couldn’t come faster!), and there are dirty paw prints on the area rugs.

This is my normal.  This isn’t the normal most people see though:) That’s why curtains were invented, and the blurring feature on Instagram:)  And most importantly, washing machines!

But I don’t think I’m alone in this…I can’t be the only person who wants to appear just a bit more put together, organized, and clean than we really are.  I had a good giggle the other day when my SIL posted this someecard to the fbook.

someecards dogs and oreos

All those dog toys finally met their match though…in the form of our new Electrolux Laundry IQ-Touch™ washer and dryer. I tried washing the dog toys in our old washer…. once.  It caused the washer to shake so much I was worried it would soon be in our basement after tearing through the kitchen floor.   They are now perfectly clean and ready to get dirty again:) #itsadogslife

Heather In Heels Electrolux dog toys

Not only did the laundry pair handle the plethora of dogs toys, it also managed to make DH’s cycling clothes look like new again after he got them exceptionally muddy (and stinky) during a 70 km bike race this weekend.

I, however, am still recovering from the shock of finding his bicycle IN our dining room in this state.  And not just IN the dining room, but leaning against one of the dining room chairs… you know, those freshly painted and recovered chairs? yah.  #loveyoutoobabe

Heather IN heels DH dirty bike NORCO


Note:  I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful laundry pair from Electrolux, however was not paid for my post(s) and the opinions are entirely my own.





  1. by Dani @ lifeovereasy on April 30, 2014  9:28 pm Reply

    If people in your family are riding bikes that are caked in mud, you will get good use out of that washer and dryer ;)

    • by Heather on April 30, 2014  9:43 pm Reply

      no kidding! dogs and husbands covered in mud most of the spring...LOL

  2. by fynesdesigns on May 1, 2014  6:31 am Reply

    I can't wait to get myself a front loading set! until, I'll keep dreaming!

    • by Heather on May 1, 2014  7:01 am Reply

      they are definitely dream-worthy! :)

  3. by Inspire Me Heather on May 1, 2014  7:08 am Reply

    I like your washer and dryer set - the dirty bike in the dining room not so much.

    • by Heather on May 1, 2014  7:09 am Reply

      you echo my sentiments exactly! LOL:)

  4. by Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc. on May 1, 2014  9:35 am Reply

    That's too funny, my husband brings in engine parts and puts them on the kitchen counter! Boys! Having dogs is a never ending battle, paw prints, toys hair, drool... even with all of that, I sure do miss our old girl, we had to say goodbye in January.

    • by Heather on May 1, 2014  5:19 pm Reply

      :( that makes me so sad Laurie...I am so sorry for your loss. our boys are our babies...I will devastated when it's time to say goodbye.. I will definitely take a dirty bike over dirty engine parts LOL! although...on occasion I have found dirty bike parts! LOL

  5. by glamamama on May 2, 2014  3:14 pm Reply

    Yup...we all have that dirty little secrets. Love your new stainless steel washer & dryer - very chic!! Have a great weekend.

    • by Heather on May 2, 2014  7:14 pm Reply

      Thanks so much Christine! I am loving them:) It's so nice to have your washer not hop across the kitchen, LOL!

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