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  • Saying Goodbye: Grieving the loss of a pet

  • On the afternoon of December 12th our family got smaller.... We said goodbye to our sweet Hermann. I have trouble breathing just writing that. My chest is tight, my throat hurts and I'm fighting back the ugly tears. There have been a lot of those. Our hearts are broken, and yet I know they will mend. We have over 10 years of amazing memories. He was a gift. He was truly o[...]
  • My dog is a celebrity!

  • So I've been keeping a secret in for a while and I can't even say how exciting it is to write this post, to share the BIG news!!  There is no font or ALL CAPS big enough.  This is so exciting!:) Hermann-Maier is a celebrity!!! Our sweet Hermann, the oldest of our dogs, is going to be appearing on EVERY package of Rayne dog food!! Well, to be more specific... the kangaroo variety he and Eddie[...]
  • Tips for feeding a happy healthy dog

  • Brace yourself, I'm about to brag. Our dogs are very well behaved. This isn't really my doing though, it's DH's.  He is officially "Master Trainer".  And for the dogs, he rules the roost. For us the dog training bible is The Art of Raising a Puppy, by the Monks of New Skete.  And the key to dogs is consistency, both in routine and appreciation for good behaviour (and discipline for ne[...]