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  • Winter Fun for Everyone!

  • When we lived in the city I really wasn't very fond of winters. Winter meant even worse driving or commuting conditions, gross grey frozen dirt/snow banks, and lots of hibernating. The only fun winter brought came when we left the city and headed skiing or up to our cottage where we could really enjoy the great outdoors. Now, living in the country where the snow stays white and you can make t[...]
  • Winter Weekend Menu: Girls just wanna have fun edition

  •   Girls weekend! Didn't just reading that make you happy? That's what girls weekends do, they make you happy.  If you haven't had one in a while send a note to all your friends and plan one right now.  This very second.  You have my permission to look away from this post for a sec.  It will be worth it.  BUT then, come back here and finish reading the post because I've got your wint[...]