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  • #12MonthsofDIY: Favourites and Some Reflections

  • Let's start this post by saying, when I was asked to be part of the fun & magic of #12MonthsofDIY I was like this: via GIPHY No kidding. I high five-d the dogs even. Why? Well, for a few reasons. 1) I've been following each of these talented ladies for a long time. Most of us had never met IRL until September, but we follow each other on so many social media we're like BFFs. [...]
  • Vintage Inspired DIY Vinyl Office Sign #12MonthsOfDIY

  • It's been a full year now working in my home office slash DIY den and I am so in love with the space. It functions brilliantly for both. The light bright space makes is very conducive for my work and for my play, helps with better quality photos and gives me some room to make a mess if the project requires it:) And when it came to my very first project for #12MonthsOfDIY I instantly knew what[...]