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  • Project Guest Room #TheSequel REVEAL @Alexanians_Com

  •   The guest room is finally done!  Need to review the previous posts to see where we started? click HERE and HERE . I never really thought of myself as a squealer.  You know, one of those girls who makes annoying noises like some tortured chipmunk?  Not me. Until this week.  I squeal every time I walk past the guest room. Every single time. Yes, the paint looks fabulous.  Yes, [...]
  • Spicy Thai Peanut 'Zoodles'

  • I treated myself to a hand held spiralizer last week, and I think I'm in love.  I bought the OXO Good Grips one and it's delightful.  Easy to use and easy to clean. This little gadget is so fun that I've become obsessed with making this super easy noodle dish for my lunch.  It's spicy, tasty, and takes under ten minutes to make from the moment you open the fridge until you sit down. I've[...]
  • Project: Master Bedroom Part 1

  • Excellent news! The attic voyage was a success. I was crazy nervous, but successfully went where no Heather has gone before.  And I'm delighted to report, there was nothing interesting to find.  Any homeowner knows the sweet relief that comes with this discovery. I strapped a video camera to my head and made a video to bring you along on my adventure. And after discovering the attic had [...]
  • Easter FUN with Dogs & Rayne Treats

  • So last week I was chatting Easter with the lovely and talented Heather from Heart Heather, and you know what this awesome lady said?! "You should do a doggie Easter egg hunt!" That woman. A genius. So we did and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Supplies needed: dollar store plastic eggs Rayne Apple Pumpkin treats (or your dog's favourite) a smile:) Sponsored Post Disclosure: As I [...]