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  • The Infinite Value of Summer Camp

  • Summer camp. Quite simply,the best place on earth. I am who I am today because of summer camp, because of the friends I met there, because of the trust and faith placed in me there, because of all it's infinite awesomeness. I remember being dropped off my first summer for a two week stint at the ripe young age of six. I also recall clear as anything crying my cute little buck-toothed head [...]
  • Winter Weekend Menu: Girls just wanna have fun edition

  •   Girls weekend! Didn't just reading that make you happy? That's what girls weekends do, they make you happy.  If you haven't had one in a while send a note to all your friends and plan one right now.  This very second.  You have my permission to look away from this post for a sec.  It will be worth it.  BUT then, come back here and finish reading the post because I've got your wint[...]
  • Two weddings, one weekend, one dress #LessStuffMoreLife

  • So grateful to have taken today off work! Two weddings in one weekend is fabulously exhausting. But I must say, being able to share such a special day with wonderful friends and family makes it all worth it. We all know I love Rent Frock Repeat. I loved every second of wearing both fabulous dresses I rented for my baby brother's wedding in Las Vegas in January, so was eager to get my frock on a[...]