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  • DIY Sunglasses Storage & Display Organizer #12MonthsofDIY

  • Take a look at this drawer and tell me you don't one have one exactly like it in your house. We all do. Ours is in the kitchen. Yours might be there too. Even if it's not though, you know where it is. And just thinking about it is making your cringe, isn't it? Don't fret my friends. I am here to help. That drawer is now empty. All thanks to my handy dandy DIY Sunglasses storage [...]
  • Take a peak inside my drawers ;) w @ElectroluxCAN

  • I love food.  I love eating food, making food, looking at food, smelling food, and yes I even like buying food! It's such a pleasure to plan out meals, make a list, find the items you need, find items you didn't know you needed (thank you Costco!), and then re-stock the fridge. Here's the thing though. While I love grocery shopping, I really have no interest in doing it daily. Which is why I am[...]